Harley Davidson hire- tips for hiring a heavy bike

Harley Davidson hire- tips for hiring a heavy bike


If you are a motorcycle enthusiast you know that the best way to explore a new city is to ride on a two wheeler with the wind blowing in your hair. Australia has some of the world’s most beautiful sceneries and excellent roads which need to be explore at leisure. However if you are going for a Harley Davidson hire for the first time it can be a little difficult. There are certain steps which you can take to ensure that everything goes smoothly. While it is going to cost you more than hiring a car but nothing beats the Adrenaline Rush of riding a Harley Davidson.

Check your insurance before going for a Harley Davidson hire

It is important that you check with the rental company to see what kind of insurance coverage you would be provided with when you rent a Harley Davidson from them. You have got to make sure that it is actually worth upgrading your insurance. If they are not providing you with an insurance you may want to see your own motorcycle insurance policy back home and see what kind of coverage it provides you while travelling. Riding a motorbike may sound like the most exciting thing ever but it is best to make sure that you are covered on all sides.

Make sure that you keep your bike secure at all times

Although riding a bike in a new city might not result in any trouble for you but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

However, even if there is not a great deal of crime going on you shouldn’t let your guard down and it is important that you ensure that the bikes are secure and stored in the right place. It would be better if you can invest in a disc lock if you want to ensure the complete safety of a bike. Also get to know if the hotel where you are staying would be providing you with the parking area for the bike.

Get to know the driving habits of the locals

If you would be riding a bike in a new place you might not be aware of all the rules are the compliances that you have to follow. It is essential that you make yourself familiar with the road and see how others are driving to get an exact idea of how you should drive as well. Doing so would help keep you out of trouble and also ensure your safety while riding. You should be aware of the speed limits and know what kilometer per hour have been specified for Riders.

Joining organized motorcycle tours

You can definitely consider taking a motor cycling tour by joining the different organized motorcycle tours which are held across Australia. These holiday tours would not only help you in acquiring the bike but they would also arrange for your to find out refueling spots and even arrange rental on your behalf.

For more information on Harley Davidson hire, https://www.coastalmotorsport.com.au/.

Perks of using customised silicone wristbands to manage events

Perks of using customised silicone wristbands to manage events


Customised and trendy wristbands have become socially acceptable and the best way to put across the message of an event to attendees. It has been found that events are better managed with the use of wristbands.

Differentiating trespassers from attendees during events is done easily by providing guests with customised silicone wristbands. The wide range of patterns, colour, and choices available with silicone-type wristbands make them the best way to manage your events.

The perks of using customised silicone wristbands to manage events include:

Easy management of attendees

Classifying a large number of attendees become tough at big events. This includes guests that are allowed backstage access or separating the ones with weekend passes to the ones with only day passes.

One of the best ways to classify attendees is to provide them with customised silicone wristbands that show the event’s image, text, and barcode. Using colour-coding with the wristband also makes the classification easier for organising your events.

Highly-resistant wristband

One of the biggest fears of event organisers is bad weather. It is only in silicone wristbands that you get a highly-resistant and durable material for all kinds of bad weather. Events can still become manageable during inclement weather with the use of waterproof silicone wristbands.

Do away with long waiting lines

A lot of events usually issue admission tickets. However, the long waiting lines can easily frustrate many attendees. Lost tickets are often the case for guests as well. The lines become even longer when people frantically search for their tickets. The easy practice of doing away with long waiting lines is to provide guests with wristbands. Guests are quickly identified when they flash their wristbands. Allowing them to move freely within the event becomes possible with the identifying wristbands.

Awareness of specific causes or brand

The specific causes or brands of the events placed on the wristbands quickly make attendees aware of them. The fashionable statement provided by wristbands makes people want to use them not only in your event but even beyond that. The affordable investment in wristbands goes a long way with the free advertisement worn by attendees during and after the event.

Easy identification of team members

The use of wristbands is not confined to events alone. Camp councillors and field trip organisers can make the work of identifying their members with the use of brightly-coloured silicone wristbands.

Taking control of field and camping trips becomes easy with the use of simple and affordable silicone wristbands.

Trendy and fashionable

Silicone wristbands are not only durable and weather-proof; it is also a fashionable and trendy statement for any user. The bright colours, patterns, logos, and designs make people value them far beyond the event it was used.

The trendy designs and the event itself are things people usually share in their social media platforms. This makes way for free advertisement of your brand, event, and cause like no other.

Are you planning an event? Are you searching for the right wristbands to make the event stand out over the rest? We are ready to assist you with all your wristband concerns.




Holiday Apartments in Gold Coast

Holiday Apartments in Gold Coast

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For almost any celebration or occasion in Australia, holiday apartments in the Gold Coast become the top destination of young people and the young at heart. A throng of families and a crowd of professionals and non-professionals gather around Gold Coast seaside not only to enjoy its pristine and calm waters but also to look for a sanctuary and if even allowed to say a refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life by staying in one of its renowned or famous holiday apartments.


Suffice it to say that with its quality and reliable service, Aussies become truly engrossed and somehow enchanted with the place, knowing that after a long day in the sun, there would be good food to partake and a warm bed to welcome those who are tired and weary. Holiday apartments are truly one of a kind in the Gold Coast, knowing that no guest is ever ignored or left behind, given its excellent amenities and sports facilities just within anybody’s reach. There are a lot more reasons why your stay becomes more memorable and something to look forward to visiting again if you had the luxury of time. To get more out of life, here’s a taste of what holiday apartments are available in Gold Coast:

A wonderful stay inside or close to a seaside zone

 Land architects entice their clients to stay in a region near a coastline for other living inclination and a unique sentiment of comfort and style. This is ideal for people who love the shoreline and the sun. The breeze directly from its open seas gets into our physique and thoughts, and a hike or stride on hot and fine sandy seaside grounds makes the spirit more alive. Plus, create a loud splash by doing a quick dive on its ideal waters and customers wouldn’t demand more than anything in this world.


Considering a home far from home next to an island

Standing up to an untamed sea when getting up quickly around the start of the day is a perfect experience. You couldn’t keep a tight grip on move your feet and beat your inquiries and fear introduced a speedboat for an island hopping foundation. The sights and clues of the roaring sea make you have to stop time and repeat the power time and time.

Since you recently had an encounter of a lifetime, it’s now time to settle on the kind of home that you will gather your dreams and continue with your adventure later on. Take as much time as is expected to examine from the going with choices:


Somewhat locally situated on a restricted part

Ideal for getting a charge out of wedded life as a resigned couple. Since your kids have their own, upbeat families, yet, despite everything you need them to be around infrequently, space is just right to accommodate six people. An extra room is proposed for a nursery, a parking space, or a diversion setting.


An included introduction house or town isn’t awful everything considered

Helpful for the people who can’t make up their minds, as of now. Visiting the virtual town over the web or seeing it really empowers home buyers to consider the virtual from the authentic one.


A lone story home is perfect for 4 to 6 people

If you aren’t envisioning your people for a visit or your associates to stay for a night, by then no convincing motivation to worry over the blockage.

Other very much arranged choices to investigate are:


  •           Flats or townhouses
  •           Double story homes for increasingly removed families
  •           Dual inhabitance homes
  •           Duplex houses
Whale Season at Hervey Bay

Whale Season at Hervey Bay


If you go to Hervey Bay during July-November (and you really should visit) your in luck because it is whale season! These beautiful mammals migrate from Antarctica to the warm waters of Hervey Bay. The most popular whale you can see at Hervey Bay is the Migaloo, the all-white humpback whale.

Paddle Out for Whales

On Sunday, August 19th, from 12pm-4pm To raise awareness about the whales and the marine environment, Hervey Bay has an event called “Paddle Out for Whales” to welcome the whales when they arrive and to have a moment of silence to understand how important the ocean and whales are all over the world. Every year hundreds of people travel to Hervey Bay for “Paddle Out for Whales” event, on will float out in the bay on boats, surfboards, and kayaks.

Whale Watching

Whale watching in Hervey Bay has become a very popular event for tourists and residents of Queensland. The whales have made Hervey Bay there own personal playground to relax, breed, and mothers teach their young calves survival skills. We will take you to the exact spot where the whales are. You will most likely see the whales tail-slapping, breaching, pectoral slapping, and spy-hopping. You will absolutely love every moment of whale watching and being able to get close with the whales in their own environment, it will indeed be a moment you will never forget. When you decide on any Hervey Bay whale watching tours some offers to consider may include:

  • Over 30+ years experience with marine mammals
  • Personal and high-quality service from the crew
  • Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and complimentary beverage
  • Courtesy bus available
  • Fully licensed
  • Eco-friendly modern-day sailing boats
  • A maximum of 24 passengers on the ship so it’s not crowded, and you will be able to have a great view.
  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Delicious full buffet lunch
  • Complimentary beverage (beer, wine or soft drink)
  • Courtesy pick-up and drop-off bus
  • Hydrophone so you can listen to the whales singing
  • We have an in-water platform for an even closer whale experience
  • Free WiFi on board
  • High-quality service from crew members
  • For children ages 8+ and up
Airport Transfers- Which one to choose?

Airport Transfers- Which one to choose?


The airport transfer which you choose to and from the Wollongong airport would depend upon whether you are in a rush or on a budget. Whether you are travelling alone or in a group. Whether you are accompanied by someone with special needs or very young children. There is definitely a Wollongong airport transfer to suit your needs and budget. Wollongong is one and a half hour drive away from Sydney and is a busy airport. You could take your picks from bus transfers. If you are travelling solo and travelling light then a bus transfer to and from the airport is the best option. It’s easy, convenient and pretty safe. However if you are travelling in a group, a bus transfer might be a good option if you can find the number of seats to accommodate all of you. Just before you take a bus transfer it is advisable to get an idea of the routes and possible destinations from the information desk at the airport. If taking a bus doesn’t seem to be the best option you could choose a taxi transfer from the airport to your destination. A major advantage of taking a taxi is that you don’t have to wait. You just hail a cab, hop in and enjoy a comfy ride all the way to your hotel. What’s more you would e dropped off right in front of your hotel or residence and you wouldn’t have to worry about making a journey from a bus stop to your preferred destination. This works well when you are travelling with family. There are various companies which offer their services and a ride can be booked as soon as you land at the airport and done with your custom duties.

The advantages of booking an airport transfer
  • Fast and easy. When you book an airport transfer you can choose your mode of transport and get to your destination in a matter of minutes.
  • Comfortable as well. We all know travelling can be pretty hectic and a cool and comfy ride can help ease of some of your stress and worry. Imagine not having to wait around at the airport looking for a ride.
  • When you book a ride you know there is bound to be someone waiting for you with your name on the placard.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have an early morning flight or a late night arrival you can rest assured that you would be transported to your destination no matter what time of the day it is.
  • When choosing an airport transfer make sure you do a bit of research and find one which is most reliable.
  • Also there are several airport transfers which offer amazing discounts and why not avail it by making an early booking.
  • Make sure you check out the reviews of different transport services and choose one which has the best reviews. This is one way of knowing that you are travelling with someone who is reliable.

For more information on Wollongong airport transfers, make sure you contact www.coastlinelimousines.com.au

Great Ocean Road Day Tour

Great Ocean Road Day Tour


Fun reasons to visit the Great Ocean Road

There are several reasons to go on a great ocean road day tour. The great ocean road is a scenic stretch. It is one of the most scenic routes in Australia. Here you would view the classic rain forests and foamy waterfalls which are typical of the great ocean road. You can feast your eyes on the beautiful scenic routine and also have a taste of the fresh local produce on the way.

The following are a few reasons why you should plan an outing with your loved ones. Even if you are solo traveler you won’t be disappointed.

  • This is one of the most beautiful scenic routes. It’s a 243km road which stretches between Geelong and Portland. It is also the world’s largest war memorial. Here the soldiers walked the scenic rote after returning from the First World War after 1919.
  • You can get a look at the memorial arch. This is the entry way into the great ocean road and also a tribute to all those soldiers who fought in the war. This memorial was built by the soldiers themselves. It’s a great way of getting a taste of some Australian history. The construction started in 1919 and ended in 1932. It’s a labor of love and devotion and one which should be viewed with the awe it deserves.
  • Visit the Otway National park. The cool temperate rain forest is a great place to do a bit of trekking. It’s a reminiscence of the bygone era when dinosaurs freely roamed the Earth.
  • You can spot some of the largest eucalyptus trees here. Lozenges are made from the eucalyptus plants breathe in the freshness and cleanse your senses. This scenic beauty is one of a kind and one which shouldn’t be missed at any cost.
  • Get a look at the twelve apostles. However, this wasn’t the name of the place in 1846, when it was known as the sow and piglets. The name was later o changed when people became more religiously inclined.
  • The Loch Ard Gorge is one of the most tragic places in Australian history. It is the place where the ship wreck in 1878 took place with only two survivors Tome and Eva. Eva too later on was swept away from the ship. Before being swept off the captain asked her if she was saved, to convey the message to his wife that her husband died like a sailor.
  • Watch the koalas at Kennett River. The koalas are one of the most iconic Australian symbols. Hundreds of tourist flock to see these cute and furry creatures typical to Australia. The Kenette River has hundreds of colonies which live in the dense forests as well as some urbanised areas.

Why just take our word for it. Make sure you plan a day tour to the Great Ocean Road and get to see all these iconic places with your own eyes.